Increasing wealth of our site members by guiding them for investing in the Indian share market.


Investing in shares in an art coupled with a bit of science which should be practiced carefully. If it is a science, it is not that difficult – You just apply the formula and you get the investment ideas. So we apply science by ratio analysis and art by studying about the company. Hence the basis of our investment ideas in this page is, to analyze the financials for their regular Growth, applying various ratios to ensure that the company is doing well and will perform well in future also, how the company is taking care of its investors and so on. Our aim is to find multi-bagger shares which will give good returns over the period if we stay invested. Staying invested doesn’t mean just investing and sleeping all the time but you need to review the quarterly results, news about the company and the industry in which our invested company operates. We will provide regular update on our earlier recommendations so that you will be aware about the company in which you invested that helps you to take effective decision. When we say investment you may have to keep the shares for a period of two to five years to get the real benefit of Multi-baggers. Many of the people buying shares are not buying with long term aspect. Majority of the people dealing in share market like to trade shares. Trading can be buying and holding shares for three to six months, holding the shares for three to five trading sessions or even covering the position in the same day i.e., intraday trading – taking long / short position. Our objective is to recommend Multibagger stocks, Swing trading in which we buy shares, taking delivery and holding it till the target is reached. Wishing you good investing and happy progress in your investments.